Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

1.  How do I add a contact?
Your default contacts file is HLM_Contacts.DAT, created automatically for you during installation.  This file loads each time you start Handy Label Maker.  To add a contact, simply click the ‘Add Contact’ button or select ‘Add Contact’ under the Contacts menu at the top of the screen.

2.  Does Handy Label Maker (HLM) work with all printers?
Yes, HLM is compatible with all printers.  In some cases, you may need to use the Margins feature to adjust left or top margins.  The Margins feature is located at the top menu.

3.  Can I print return address labels?
Yes, they can be printed separately on Avery 5167 (1/2“ x 1 3/4“) label stock.  To print, simply fill out Lines 1, 2, and 3 and click File/Return Address Labels.  The press Print.

4.  Where can I find detailed information on how HLM works?
 In the User Manual, which is accessed by clicking Help, then User Manual.

5.  Is HLM safe to install?
Absolutely yes.  You can rest assured there are no ads, viruses, or mal-ware of any kind in HLM software.  We take great pride in protecting our users from any type of mal-ware.

6.  Is there a version of HLM for the Mac?
At this time, HLM runs only on Windows computers.

7.  How can I generate labels for only certain contacts?
Usually, this is done via the ‘Category’ field.  For each contact you want to create a label for, insert a specific word in the Category field identifying that contact as one who will have a label created.  For example, if there are 40 people in your Contacts file that you want to send a flyer to, then enter “Flyer” (without the quotes) in the Category field for each of those 40 contacts.  Then click Contacts/Search Contacts, click on Category, enter Flyer as your search term, click Get report, and finally, click Print labels.  This process is also explained in the User Manual.

8.  Can I just print a label right away instead of picking someone from my contacts file?
Yes, you can.  In fact, that is the most common action by our users.  We call it printing a label “on-the-fly”.

9.  Can I create more than one Contacts file?
Yes, you can create multiple Contacts files.  Click File/New to create a new contacts file, or File/Open to open an existing contacts file.  And keep in mind, with each one you can perform import and export functions as described in the User Manual.

10.  Will the Full version recognize and pick up my contacts from the Trial version?
Yes, this happens automatically and seamlessly.  When you purchase and install the Full version, any contacts you entered under the Trial version will carry over to the Full version.