Handy Label Maker


Label and contact manager software for home or business

Compose and print mailing labels on demand

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It’s here!  A fast, simple, and professional way to print mailing addresses on labels or envelopes.  Handy Label Maker 6.3 creates labels, prints directly on envelopes of different sizes, and even manages your contacts.  Use as a Rolodex for quickly looking up contact information.  Print mailing labels on-the-fly.  You can print labels for one, all, or a designated set of contacts.

Handy Label Maker (HLM) is your solution for easily mailing Christmas cards, newsletters, flyers, announcements, or individual cards/letters.  HLM works with any printer and makes mailing via labels or envelopes a snap.  Enter friends, family, customers, members, etc into your Contacts file and print multiple labels for subsets of your contacts.  Discover what so many others have found — a fun way to streamline your mailing tasks.  Try it and you’ll like it!

NEW! Handy Label Maker now includes birthday reminders!  Yes, HLM automatically reminds you of upcoming birthdays so you’ll never miss the special day of a loved one or important business associate.

Professional, versatile, powerful

  • Print mailing address “on-the-fly” on standard label or directly on an envelope.  Various envelope sizes supported.
  • Optionally choose a larger, more stylish font for printing envelopes.
  • No more wasted label sheets!  Print anywhere on label sheet: single label, multiple labels, or an entire sheet.
  • Powerful ‘Search Contacts’ enables you to print labels for specific sets of contacts.
  • Search by first name, last name, city, state, zip code, company name, email address, or category, effectively creating subsets of your contacts file.
  • Optional Company Name field for mailing to businesses.
  • Building your contacts file is easy. Enter contacts manually or import them from your email system.  Duplicate contacts are auto-detected and not imported.
  • Export contacts to Yahoo, Google, or other email system.
  • You can even print Return Address labels, left-justified or centered.
  • Works with any version of Windows, including Windows 10.

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